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International Journal of Electronics and Information Engineering

1. Products of Monoids and Its Applications on the Monoids of State Machines
Nacer Ghadbane and Douadi Mihoubi
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2. Applying MVC to Shopping Management Application Using Ruby on Rails with Bangla Interface
Mahbub Alam, Al Nahian, and Shamimul Islam
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3. Cloud Security Using Markov Chain and Genetic Algorithm
Mazin H. R. Al-Shaikhly, Hazem M El-Bakry, and Ahmed A. Saleh
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4. An Improved Cuckoo Algorithm Based on Adaptive Simulated Annealing Method Used for Traveling Salesman Problem
Jie Liu, Lin Teng, and Shoulin Yin
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5. Flower Classification and Its Physiological and Psychological Relaxing Effects of Viewing Flowers for Sportive
Diaa Salama Abdul Minaam and Nermin Rafiq Mohammed
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6. Threat Minimization by Design and Deployment of Secured Networking Model
Shamimul Islam, Haidar Ali, Ahsan Habib, Nur Nobi, Mahbub Alam, and Dulal Hossain
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