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International Journal of Electronics and Information Engineering

1. Smart Kitchen: Automated Cooker Technique Using IoT
Diaa Salama AbdElminaam
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2. An Improvement of One Anonymous Identity-based Encryption Scheme
Lihua Liu, Zhenzhen Guo, Zhengjun Cao, Zhen Chen
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3. Strategic Target Classification with Transfer Learning
Shoulin Yin, Jie Liu and Lin Teng
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4. A Note on One Outsourcing Scheme for Big Data Access Control in Cloud
Lihua Liu, Zhengjun Cao, Chong Mao
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5. Cryptanalysis of Knapsack Cipher Using Genetic Swarm Optimization
Merline Manoharan and Vimalathithan Rathinasabapathy
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6. Visual Exploration Using Improved Moving Average Methods for Time Series Datasets
Cheng-Hung Chuang, Wei-Fu Lu, Ying-Chen Lin, and Jui-Chi Chen
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